Our team was approached by Sylvania BMW to integrate a flush in-wall LED screen solution. We made a custom bracket that attached to the gyprock wall. We faced a few designs and implementation challenges and we developed new techniques that were executed with high precision. The screen is 3.5m wide by 2m high and has a pitch of P2.6 making it a great feature for their showroom.

Days of Work

Project Details

The project specified a flush mounted LED screen to main foyer/entrance area. This screen is perfect for projecting corportate media and specifically detailed car video.

  • Screen size: 3.5m wide by 2m High
  • LED pitch of P2.6,  SMD2020 LEDs
  • Hi Refresh Rate, 1344 x 768 Pixels @ 1920Hz
  • Custom fab mounting frame inset on gyprock wall
  • QSC QSYS media management
  • Signal transmission: Wyrestorm Media Matrix

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