Navarra venues approached our team with an ambitious project requiring multiple screens displaying different media at different times for their corporate gala expo. We came up with a split screen design and an extensive array of media management systems that integrated video clips, live streaming, and outboard camera feeds. The achievement was spectacular, and the end result was a very happy Navarra team.

Days of Work

Project Details

The Showtime LED production panels were again used because of their of scalability. The split screen design utilized 3 different processors and mapping done by Resolume Arena.

  • 1x large 10m wide by 2.5m high screen
  • 2x smaller 1m wide by 2.5m high side screen
  • Pitch of 3.9mm
  • SMD2020 LEDs
  • Hi Refresh Rate
  • Resolume Arena Mapping
  • 3x LED Screen processors

Project Gallery